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Standing in the Forest School garden, what did I see...?

I was standing in the garden of Tiddlypeeps Forest School looking for inspiration. I was pondering what changes we could make to create an inviting space for the children to be in. Whilst I day-dreamed and planned I heard rustling in the bushes... what could it be?! Before I had time to think, out jumped a Muntjac deer and bounded across the garden in front of me!! It stopped, looked at me then off it went again leaping across the garden! I felt excited at what I had just seen! Then I realised that if I felt that excited about seeing it then surely the children would feel the same. My inspiration had literally jumped out at me! My plan for the garden became more of a 'save the garden', to create a sort of nature reserve - if we keep it as natural as possible then the wildlife would still want to use the space too, possibly not with loud children running around! But, if we could create a space for children that encouraged them to explore in awe and wonder, then there would be less running around and more investigating and exploration, this takes children's level of involvement to a whole different level! (See post about levels of involvement)

I am feeling so excited to create a space where children can be at one with nature, to find and explore for themselves!

Watch this space as we start our journey of creating an inspirational space...

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